Audience Core Desires

core desires of your target audience

Tweet Determining the Core Desire of your Target Audience Following up on my recent post, Writing Content for a Website, I was watching a video by Charles Kirkland this weekend on Core Desires of Audiences. The training was for targeting audiences with paid advertising, but I think it’s important to consider when writing website content […]

How To Evaluate Your Own Website

Tweet This is a guest post by Dan Morris, someone I have a lot of respect for.  Find out why at and Do It Yourself Website Review I am so annoyed by nagging problems. Even little things like fixing the spindles on the porch railing at home. But that porch railing isn’t making […]

How to Monetize Your Blog – Ideas to Earn Money Blogging

Tweet 15 Ideas to Earn Money Blogging, Part 1 Our recent Meetup group focused on blog monetization.  There are some obvious ideas and some that are a little different.  I always like to say that there are many keys to a successful website, but the two that are most important are getting traffic to the […]