What Level of Access Should I Give My Client?

why password security is so importantFrom the Mailbag… “Cindy” asks how much access should her clients have to their WordPress site.

For those of you who own a website and retain an outside vendor, you may be interested in this post.

Hi Kurt!

Wanted to get your input. I have a client that involves several different agencies and volunteer board members. I was hired to manage the website and an app, which is available on Apple and Google.

When I started, nothing was set up correctly and no one knew any of the passwords! After beating my head against a wall for months (for which I got paid), I have been able to sort it all out and keep records of the logins.

The current treasurer seem to have trouble with Excel. I had to give her the Apple ID login so she could update the banking info. They didn’t want me to do it with them over the phone. Now she wants all the passwords and security questions. And she has asked for the login information for the WordPress website so she can “upload files.” Continue reading

Adding Images to WordPress the Wrong Way

Be Careful Adding Images to Your Blog That Are Too Big!


Courtesy Library of Congress 200×247 pixels-23KB file size.

I recently had a client contact me about an error message he was getting when trying to upload an image and a PDF to his site. He’s an author about to publish a book on the life and times of Mark Twain and how he has been influenced by Mr. Samuel Clemons. Read along to find out what the problem was and why what he was trying to do could hurt him in more ways than one.

The image he was trying to upload was a picture of his book cover, both front and back. We were not able to fully duplicate his issue and the error message he got that mentioned a problem with memory, which shouldn’t be an issue due to way our servers are set up. After talking this over with a server administrator, who said he saw no issues with our server, here is what I said…

“The problem with the Twain Book Cover image that you were trying to upload is that it is WAY too big! 3408×2556 pixels is 3.4 times the width of your site. That file’s purpose was clearly for printing the book cover, not showing it online.

It’s also 2.15 megabytes, which will take a while to render on uploads and would certainly take forever to download. That may cause a bad user experience and Google penalties. (See Get More Feedback form Google below)

The file is also high-resolution at 300 dpi, which is about 4x the resolution of web browsers. The standard most use is images set to 72 dpi (max web resolution) and 96 dpi, which gives you a bit more resolution if someone prints the page.

We usually strive for images of 10-15KB for “headshots.” (7KB is often possible) Content images can often be 50KB or less and the biggest images we use all have to be less than 100KB. The image you were trying to upload was 22 times our acceptable maximum. Continue reading

Listbuilding: Sending Unsolicited Emails

An actual photo of me reading an email.

An actual photo of me reading an actual email from an actual mailbag.

From the Mailbag

I was asked the following question and thought I would share the answer with you…

“Judy” asked me what her options were with respect to sending emails to a group she belonged to and sponsored. I gave her two pretty good options to build a list of prospects.

Hi Kurt!
How are you?
I would like to pick your brain about a dilemma I am having.
Please respond if you can offer advice.
I have been a member and my business Hair by Judy has also been a sponsor of a local women’s social club.
This is my second year of being both member and sponsor.
Last year and the beginning of this year I have been able to email our 500+ members with our informative newsletter with value to them.
Just recently I have been informed that I can no longer email to us members and post only on our yahoo group page.
My question to you is, since I am a member and sponsor, does the no email unless subscribed apply to me?
Of course I do not want a $16,000. fine for each email complaint.
Is it against the rules to email as a member asking if they’d like to subscribe to our newsletters and receive them in their mailbox of choice?
I would love your feedback and direction. Thank you for your time. “Judy”
Continue reading