Meetup Etiquette – How to Be Taken Seriously

Tweet Meetup Etiquette I run two Meetup groups in Chicago’s Western Suburbs. West Suburban Business Networking focuses more on Internet subjects, such as websites, WordPress, Internet marketing and digital strategy. West Suburban Small Business Support & Mastermind’s biggest audiences have come from similar subjects, but I promote more subjects that would be of interest small […]

Best Podcasts: Online Marketing Made Easy

Tweet Best Podcasts for Small Business Series In a previous post, I listed 6 podcasts, that I liked best, for small business website owners and managers.  Let me share why I like listening to Amy Porterfield’s podcast: Online Marketing Made Easy Amy has a great background working for Tony Robbins and Harley Davidson, her first job […]

What Social Media Questions to Ask

Tweet How to Create a Detailed, Goal-Oriented Social Media Strategy If you’re considering adding social media to your digital outreach, you probably have at least a few questions as you begin to create your strategy.  Everyone’s strategy will be different depending on target audiences, which social platforms they use and how they react with them. […]