Best Password Manager

Tweet Don’t Write Down Your Passwords! We were joking around on Facebook. Someone had found a book, described as the Internet Password Book, that you could buy that allowed you to write down all your passwords, including the login URL, user name and password for all accounts including social media sites, banking institutions, email and […]

Your Website Hosting is Not Secure

Wordpress hosting - hackers are watching

Tweet It’s not If your website gets hacked, it’s When. A client contacted me over the weekend to complain that the navigation on his site had disappeared.  The tone of his voice implied that we had somehow screwed something up. He was wrong. We hadn’t touched it and if we had, we certainly wouldn’t have disabled […]

When to Call in a Professional

Tweet When is it time to call in a professional? I was a guest speaker on the SafeWP weekly webinar for members and the topic was setting up Google Webmaster Tools. Regina Smola shared some great information on the importance of GWT and site security.  I was asked to talk about using GWT to make […]