The Difference Between Writing Content for a Website and a Blog

Tweet Site Content and the Stage of the Buying Cycle There are Two Types of Website Visitors at Different Stages in the Buying Cycle Our friends at Orbit Media in Chicago posted an awesome Infographic that illustrates the difference between writing content for a website and a blog based on visitor intent and where they […]

How To Evaluate Your Own Website

Tweet This is a guest post by Dan Morris, someone I have a lot of respect for.  Find out why at and Do It Yourself Website Review I am so annoyed by nagging problems. Even little things like fixing the spindles on the porch railing at home. But that porch railing isn’t making […]

Linked and Loaded, Part 2. Building Business with LinkedIn

There is a huge benefit to having people find about about you and your website on other sites and blogs. It might simply result in traffic to your website, but it might also be an opportunity to build your brand and demonstrate expertise or product reliability. Here’s how.