Best of the Website Success Blogs (Feb 28, 2009)

Tweet This weeks Best of the Website Success Blogs begins with a warning to make sure your Google Adwords account is linked with your Google Analytics account.  We found good posts on improving site navigation and understanding buyer motivation by analyzing keywords the use to find your site.  We follow with six key tips for […]

A Confused Mind Says No

Tweet I attended the National Speakers Association Illinois Chapter meeting on Friday.  The keynote speaker, Ford Saeks, is an interesting guy.  A former juvenile delinquent, he started a painting company when he was 15, and eventually developed a product to store bikes in a garage vertically.  He owns the patent on another product that combined […]

Annual Website Assessment (Pt 3) Links & Functionality

Tweet One of the quickest ways to lose a visitor (and a conversion) is with broken links and functions.  When a visitor hits a dead end, your site may as well be flashing "Loser-Loser" in big red letters across the screen.  It's even worse when the broken link is a money link (purchase, donate, register) […]