How To Evaluate Your Own Website

Tweet This is a guest post by Dan Morris, someone I have a lot of respect for.  Find out why at and Do It Yourself Website Review I am so annoyed by nagging problems. Even little things like fixing the spindles on the porch railing at home. But that porch railing isn’t making […]

Tips to Combat Comment Spam for WordPress

Tweet -Guest post on How to Combat Blog Comment Spam by WordPress Security Expert Regina Smola at   Is your blog secure? Ask Regina! – Tips to Combat Comment Spam for WordPress Comment spam is a problem for both website owners and the visitors reading them. They can be a nuisance to manage, but you […]

The Evolving Rules of SEO and Online Marketing

It’s the Holy Grail of Website ownership: high traffic. Since its inception, the Internet has promised us instant gratification and ROI fantasies unimagined in human experience. High traffic, of course translates roughly into more conversions, that is, customers who purchase services and or products, which in tune equals more revenue. However, real life has shown again and again that the fantasy is hard to make a reality.