December 11, 2016

How to Find Your Perfect Audience

How to Create Target Personas

how to find your perfect audience using surveysThis post is a followup to Writing Content for a Website. In this post, we are going to cover a very new and counter-intuitive way to find your perfect audience using surveys.

Content can also be used to rank higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo. For more on that, click here. The strategies of attracting people to your website and converting them are vastly different, but important.

You wouldn’t try to sell air-conditioners to eskimos, would you? It would not be as big a market as selling air-conditioning to residents of the United States or Central America. Conversley, you’ll sell more mukluks north of the Canadian border than you will south of the Mexican border.

You need to understand your perfect audience’s needs so that you can create content that will appeal to them. You will also use this information to effectively market to them!

There are almost always more than one target persona, marketing persona or avatar! To keep them straight, we often name them.

Think of your avatars as sketches or dossiers of your ideal prospects that show you how to find your perfect audience.

They would certainly include their primary and secondary challenges and the solutions you can offer them. There might be information about his or her job title or role. You might include demographic information, such as age (narrow or broad), gender, occupation, salary, location, education, values, personal interests, politics, religious affiliations, media consumed, etc. Anything that helps describe your perfect audiences, their needs and what differentiates them form each other.

There is almost always something you can learn about them to ultimately increase your conversions. (And your site traffic. More on that another day.)

“Understanding who your Target Personas are and what solutions they are looking for is a mandatory requirement for Website Success.”

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Best Password Manager

Don’t Write Down Your Passwords!

We were joking around on Facebook. Someone had found a book, described as the Internet Password Book, that you could buy that allowed you to write down all your passwords, including the login URL, user name and password for all accounts including social media sites, banking institutions, email and subscription or services sites.

password organizer notebookBad idea.

Very. Bad. Idea.

What happens if you lose it? What happens if someone swipes it?

Would you write down the combination to a safe and pin it to your bulletin board?

I did an online search and confirmed that a number of manufacturers selling these things and some of them are even titled!

  • Secure Password Manager
  • Internet Password Keeper
  • Best Password Manager
  • Password Organizer Book
  • Internet Password Log Book
  • The Personal Internet Address and Password Organizer

If you have a book of secrets, wouldn’t you want it to be as plain as possible? Maybe you’d even want to disguise it like a kids fairy tale book or a textbook on quantum mechanics.

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Profitable Content Creation – What to Do When You’re Running Out of Content Ideas

This is the first of a couple of guest posts by Jeff Herring, a man I’ve known and respected for quite some time.  It’s an important subject: Content Creation.  Please join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, January 30!

Jeff Herring Content Creator

Fun guy. GREAT information!

Profitable Content Creation – What to Do When You’re Running Out of Content Ideas (3 Big Tips)

Content creation is a great way to bring in more prospects and profits. And you do want more prospects and profits, right?

The struggle for many content marketers, both new and experienced, is consistently coming up with ideas for creating content. I’ve noticed that many go through a few stages in their struggle to come up with content ideas.

Let’s take a closer look at those three stages and more importantly, what to do about each one.

3 Stages

Stage 1 – Ideas are not flowing – When you sit down to create content you have to repeatedly stop and think about what to write about. The flow has not stopped, it’s just not as easy as it normally is for you.

What to Do – Step back and brainstorm. Make a list of content ideas. Don’t edit – just brainstorm. This is something you need to be doing anyway, so you always have a list of content ideas from which to pull.

Stage 2 – Ideas are a struggle – Even when you look at a list of your ideas, nothing pops out for you. It feels like you are seeing the ideas on a list, but they are not making sense in your head, and not making the trip from your head to your fingers.

What to Do – Take a trip to your supermarket and check out the titles on the covers of the magazines in the checkout line. Thousands of dollars have been spent deciding how to title these articles. Find titles that you can use in your niche and get busy creating great content.

Stage 3 – You are beginning to believe in writer’s block, even though it does not exist. Ideas are not only not flowing, ideas are just plain stuck. Your frustration level is high, and you’re honestly getting a little bit frightened by your lack of ideas.

What to Do – Go to your topic in EzineArticles and look at some of the top articles in your niche. See which ones are getting lots of traffic. Choose an idea that you know will appeal to your community and simply do a better job with it.This is not plagiarism. This is research because you are simply looking for ideas. You are not copying what someone else has said, you are just going to do a better treatment of it because of your skills.

The Next Step – Your next success step is to grab your spot in the upcoming webinar on Wednesday January 30 at 6 pm EST – “How to Create Prospect & Profit Pulling Content in 20 Minutes or Less with Jeff Herring” Reserve your spot here =>