Gift Shop Marketing

Tweet For several years I have been  a speaker/trainer at the North American Celtic Trade Association‘s annual Celtic Marketplace near Chicago for buyers and vendors. I reviewed dozens of member websites and made recommendations on everything from design to messaging and marketing. I’ve written articles for their newsletter, Seanchai, on website success, and most recently […]

Audience Core Desires

core desires of your target audience

Tweet Determining the Core Desire of your Target Audience Following up on my recent post, Writing Content for a Website, I was watching a video by Charles Kirkland this weekend on Core Desires of Audiences. The training was for targeting audiences with paid advertising, but I think it’s important to consider when writing website content […]

How to Find Your Perfect Audience

how to create target personas using surveys

Tweet How to Create Target Personas This post is a followup to Writing Content for a Website. In this post, we are going to cover a very new and counter-intuitive way to find your perfect audience using surveys. Content can also be used to rank higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo. For more on that, […]