Chunking Website Content

Tweet How to Chunk Website Content Chunking is a method of presenting information into small pieces or ‘chunks’ of information to make reading and understanding faster and easier. Learning how to chunk website content is especially useful for material presented on websites because readers tend to scan pages first before they decide to read the full page. […]

How to Rank Content Number 1 on Google

Average content length of top blog posts

Tweet Characteristics of content that ranks #1… I’m working on a client site. The guy wants to rank his blog posts higher in search engines. I thought you might like to know how to rank content number 1 too. Before we get to how to rank #1 for your content, we must address this question: […]

How to Tell if Blog Comments are Spam

Tweet Blog Comment Spam Costs Plenty Controlling and deleting spam on your blog can be tiresome and un-productive. It lowers ROI because it increases your costs, specifically time. The other threat of comment spam is that it links to sites that may hurt your visitors if they click on a link. Those can result in […]