Businesses Will Spend More on EMail and Social Media Marketing in 2010, Less on Direct Mail and Trade Shows

Stongmail's 2010 Marketing Trends survey says that 48% of businesses will be increasing their overall marketing budgets in 2010 with email
and social media marketing as the leading vehicles.  69% of the 1,000 global business leaders surveyed said they will increase their email marketing budgets, while 59% said they will increase spending on social media. Search marketing comes in third with a 42% increase. 

The reason for increased spending on marketing comes from a feeling by half of those surveyed that their customers will spend more this year and another 23% who think customer spending will remain flat.  (8% say their customers will spend less)

Those surveyed say the top three benefits of social media marketing are:

  • Awareness building (64%)
  • Customer loyalty and retention (49%)
  • Expanded reach (46%)

What types of marketing did the global business leaders say they would invest LESS in?

Tradeshows & Events: 44% less

Direct Mail: 42% less

But 20% will increase trade show spending and 21% said they will increase their investments in direct mail.


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