Where do all the good ideas come from?

My friend Liz Strauss likes to say, "The people who will get rich on the
Internet are those who solve a problem the Internet didn't cause."  I think you could succeed with that
mindset OR of solving problems created BY the Internet!  But Liz says,
"There are way more problems the Internet didn't cause … that still
need solving. :)"  Point taken.

Almost everyone with a blog or website wants to achieve website success and that often involves providing a solution to someone's problem or creating a memorable experience that supercharges your marketing and therefore your traffic. 

So where do the great ideas come from?  There are many components to a successful website, including design, writing, products and services, pricing. You might want (or need) good ideas for all pieces of your site.

Web designers sometimes look at other designs for inspiration on sites they're working on.  Some get ideas using design directories. Sometimes, you can get ideas from the portfolios of other web designers.

Web strategists and entrepreneurs can find ideas by studying what has worked on other websites.  Even something like "10 Totally Stupid Ideas That Made Someone Rich

Writers get inspiration from studying the works of others without plagiarizing. "If you take it from one source it's plagiarizing. If you take it from multiple sources, it's RESEARCH." (Some famous writer said that – can't remember who)

Bloggers are taught to read the blogs of others in their niche, and I think anyone (bloggers, affiliate marketers, corporate webmasters, et al) can get great information on what people are looking for and the solutions you can provide by reading those blogs and forums in the same niche.

So, whether you're a writer, marketer, entrepreneur or anyone hoping for Website ROI, it pays to listen to what your prospects, customers and even competitors are saying.  What are their needs?  What words do they use to describe their needs? (They may use those terms to find you in search engines)

Here are some simple search tips that may help you out:

To find websites or blogs with a keyword in the URL, type "inurl:" and follow it with the keyword in a Google search bar.  Let's use gardening as an example.  If you type "inurl:gardening", Google supplies you with a list of 20 million+ websites with "gardening" in the URL.

Good luck wading through all of those.

The keyword you specify might be found in the domain name, such as Gardening.com or it might be in the path of the URL, such as www.marthastewart.com/gardening.

Check out a few sites and refine your search, such as "inurl:tomato gardening," which results in 228,000 web pages.

Notice that some of the results use "garden" and not "gardening," so it's not 100% accurate.  But compare these results with just entering "tomato gardening" into a search engine.

To search for terms in the title of a blog post, use "intitle:KEYWORD"  As an example, try "intitle:gardening" or "intitle:tomato gardening"

Want to find a forum that discusses your niche?  Search "KEYWORD + forum"  Example: "tomato gardening + forum"

That's all the time we have today boys and girls.  I'm going to continue this series this week.  Comments?  Questions?

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