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Best Podcasts for Small Business Series

In a previous post, I listed 6 podcasts, that I liked best, for small business website owners and managers.  Let me share why I like listening to Amy Porterfield’s podcast:

Online Marketing Made Easy Amy PorterfieldOnline Marketing Made Easy

Amy has a great background working for Tony Robbins and Harley Davidson, her first job out of college.  For Tony, she had roles as Content Manager and then managing large marketing campaigns.  That must have been an awesome experience! She has nearly 75,000 Likes on Facebook.

She’s easy to listen to, kinda reminds me of Giada De Laurentis on Food TV, and the podcasts are well organized and professionally produced. She’s the most corporate of the 6 and that’s fine.

But it’s not just what she teaches, (we’ll get to that below) it’s how she presents herself. Totally trustworthy and committed in a world of info-marketing snake oil salesmen.  Her values:

  • Hard work, but you have to be able to throw it all away for love and family
  • No drama
  • Acceptance – no judgment lives here
  • Wearing my heart on my sleeve
  • Embracing what’s next
  • But mostly, that social media should be something you enjoy, not dread.

Want more? Wiley asked her to write the book, Facebook Marketing All-in One for Dummies. I have that book and highly recommend it!

What I Learned

The Online Marketing Made Easy podcast has tackled a range of subjects, including email, YouTube videos and obviously Facebook.  Like so many, she advises you to accommodate mobile users, who have become a majority of Internet users. “47% of people who have to pinch or zoom will not return to your blog.”

Here are my biggest takeaways:

Email Marketing

  • Email should do one of three things: Educate, Empower or Entertain
  • To build your list, give away premium content in exchange for an email address
  • A three-part video series is a good premium content to attract email optins. Also webinars, eBooks & newsletters
  • In the first email she sends out, she asks what people are struggling with and how can her newsletter help you
  • Make email mobile-friendly.  People filter their email before reading it, often first thing in the morning. Look into using “responsive email templates”
  • Make sure the first 5-7 words of the subject line capture the viewer
  • Engage people on social media to build brand awareness and a desire to opt in
  • Guest Tony Halpern suggested placing opt-in at end of blog posts where they will have a better appreciation of what you offer
  • Archived webinars are great for list building

She has devoted a whole podcast to how to set up a funnel on Facebook to get people to opt in to her lists.

Video/YouTube Marketing

  • Include a Call To Action (CTA) and a link to a page in the beginning of your description on YouTube
  • Add an overlay to the videos. Control the image message and destination link
  • Always end your video with a CTA
  • Guest James Wedmore recommended using to make animations
  • An app like WP Share to Unlock creates viral buzz by requiring people to tweet your link in order to get access to your premium content (or even any YouTube video you like!)
  • Facebook videos get more engagement than YouTube videos but recommends uploading them to both Facebook and YouTube

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is what she is known best for, but she also recommends using YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.

Amy suggests that you define your audience. Create a list of 5 insights about them, 5 pages where they hang out, 5 most important topics and 5 pages that interest them, but are not related to business.

  • Attract people on Facebook, but move them to your website or blog. (Critical! You own your website. Your Facebook account can be deleted by Facebook anytime)
  • Put a Like box on your page. Use a widget on WordPress or add code to traditional sites. Like box will show pictures of others who like it
  • You can now use your Facebook header image to promote, but no more than 20% of the image can be text
  • Add the Like box to webinar confirmation pages or other opt-ins
  • 67% of Facebook users are on mobile
  • Target friends of fans with Facebook ads
  • Sponsored Story Like ads help you target precise interests

Selling Information Products

David Garland was a guest and he talked about what kinds of information sells online and at what pricepoints.

  • Step-by-Step
  • How to…
  • Actual Outcomes
  • Personal Results

What can you sell information for?

Generic: $47-97 “How to Dominate Facebook
More specific: $197 “How to Generate Leads on Facebook
Very specific: $400-$2,000 “How to Generate Leads on Facebook for Attorneys.”

  • Long sales pages do not do well on mobile devices. Put long content into a video or use shorter sales page content.

She has interviewed other great guests, like Michael Stelzner discussing Twitter , Marie Forleo on Entrepreneurism and Pat Flynn (host of one of my favorite podcasts) on how to set priorities. I really enjoyed the episode where she shared some things about how she operates her business.

Please share what you learn from her Online Marketing Made Easy podcasts and courses in the comments section below!

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